This section of our website is a little different than the rest of www.quinlanfinancial.ie. We have provided some testimonials from some of our clients.

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Group Pension Scheme

“Given the present climate we felt it was prudent to review all aspects of our business. With this in mind we decided to get Quinlan Financial Services to conduct an independent review of our Group Pension & Life Cover Scheme and discover what we were paying versus what the market was offering. The findings around charging structures, levels of service and IT advancements were startling. As a result we were delighted with the work carried out by Quinlan Financial Services and would certainly recommend them going forward.”

Dolores, HR, Services Company, Dublin

Business Services

“I came to Quinlan Financial Services for an independent review of my affairs 2 years ago and as a result of this independent advice I can say I have saved money which a lot of people would be glad to say given the financial turmoil of late.”

Joe, Tipperary


“Quinlan Financial has looked after my financial affairs for the last 25 years and I can honestly say that during these troubled times I am glad I am with a firm that I can trust 100% with my savings.”

John, Self Employed, Toomevara


I am a middle aged man with a long established business in Tipperary and over the years I have been taking out various insurance policies and not fully understanding what they were about. All my policies were in a big box and I handed them into Quinlan Financial Services and ask them to review the overall situation. They summarised everything in a logical manner and for the first time in my life I realised what I had and what exactly I was paying for on an annual basis. Having had a number of sessions we decided that some of the cover was unnecessary and thus made a substantial saving in premium payments on both life cover, pension policies and savings plans. For the first time in my life my wife and I are happy that our affairs are correct and are assured that the situation will be reviewed annually.

John, Self Employed, Nenagh

Protection Policy

I decided I needed to find out where all my direct debits were going and what I was covered for. I asked Quinlan Financial Services to do a summary report for the life cover polices me and my wife had and to re price them. It turned out that we were paying way too much over to the bank for the level of cover and we ended up merging some of these direct debits and saving some money with a reputable insurance company

Liam, Tipperary


“I recently inherited a number of Kerry Group Shares and being a client of the Accountancy Practice for years I decided that now was the time to sell these and I thankfully availed of the service and cashed in.”

Bernie, Tipperary