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Our client base is diverse and multi-faceted incorporating individuals, sole traders and small to medium owner-managed entities across the Tipperary region and further afield. The provision of our services is, and always has been, founded on the principles of ethics and quality. Given that this firm was founded in 1978 and continues to evolve to meet the ever rapid changes in the Irish economy we feel we are in a strong position to look after all types of business services.

  • Keyman Insurance represents a group of insurance plans all designed to financially protect business from the affects of prolonged illness or even death of staff who are central to the prosperity of the business.
    The insurance can’t replace people but it can provide cash to buy time and cover the costs of temporary staff, recruitment, loss of profits or provide a cash injection.
  • Co-Shareholders / Co-Directors / Partnership Protection
  • Co-Director/Partnership protection is concerned with maintaining and continuing the business in the event of one or more of the directors/partners ceasing to act as a director/partner, due to illness, injury or death.
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