Making the most of your Wealth.

For many of us, our ambition for our money is simple – to make the most of it.

With this aim of trying to make your money work as hard as it can, within your risk profile and time objectives, we at Quinlan Financial, adopt the same consistent philosophy centred around Four Fundamental Principles:


Whether you are investing to generate an income, funding a personal passion, retirement planning or passing wealth, we aim to make the process as easy as possible. Your goals and circumstances will however evolve, and we bring structure, focus and clarity to your investment decisions.

Whether you are a first-time investor or more experienced client, we are here to help. We offer unbiased recommendations from a broad universe of investment opportunities.

This means investing your money across a selection of assets, using some of the worlds leading investment managers, that enable you to balance risk and return in a sophisticated way.

Irish Expatriates Wanting To Invest?

We facilitate Irish Expatriates looking to invest their hard earned savings from abroad. There is some planning required prior to investing which we can assist you with. You need to establish
your current tax status especially if planning on relocating back to Ireland.

If you are an Irish citizen/domiciled thinking of relocating home and have been living abroad for 3 or more consecutive years, any funds that you have built up in your account overseas can be transferred
to an Irish account on your return without tax implications.

As everyone circumstances are different, we always recommend receiving independent tax advice prior to making any decisions as there are pitfalls to avoid.

Responsible Investing

The concept of investing in line with Environmental Social and Governance principles has gained alot of traction worldwide and is now firmly embedded into public consciousness.

ESG investing is a catch-all term, including strategies or methodologies that aim to incorporate environmental, social or governance factors into investment decision-making. Its goal is to manage risk more efficiently and generate sustainable longer-term returns as well as having a positive impact on society (source Irish Life).

Making a positive impact does not have to mean compromising on performance. At Quinlan Financial we liaise with companies who provide a range of solutions for clients who seek to incorporate such ESG factors directly or indirectly into their portfolios.

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