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The Artificial Finish Line!

The journey towards and through retirement is different for everyone, but most people will broadly experience a number of stages along the way. Each of these stages bring their own challenges and choices, and you will have your own objectives depending where you are on your journey.

Retirement Planning for some people only focuses on Finances, neglecting the Non-Financial aspects of how individuals are going to spend their time.

Non Financial

How are you going to spend your Time in Retirement?

One of our key observations is that those who retire to something, retire better than those who don’t. It may seem simple but we all need a sense of purpose in retirement. From working with various Focus Groups, we know money will help fund a purpose but it won’t find it. Let us pose to you some of the key questions to consider as you plan for retirement.


How are you going to Pay for Retirement?

The financial stages leading up to retirement include starting your savings, reviewing your position, drawing on your savings and pensions, and planning your legacy. To ensure you are on track to meet these monetary goals, it is essential you create a Financial Plan and review it.

Wherever you are on your journey, see how we can help you plan for the retirement you deserve.

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